Thursday, May 26, 2011

school started

As many people say that education is the" BIRTH-RIGHT", this is true I never realized it in the eyes of the children till till 05/16/2011, it was Monday morning when our children wake up and thought its time for school, but their funds for school came little late we had announce before back in the week that the tuition will be late but sunday due to other things that we do we never confirmed whether the funds came or not! so Monday morning when they have put on their uniform we announced that there is no school today has your money hasnt come yet!!!... Just imagine how you could feel!. every each of our children was sad and to speak the fact that this is was the worst day for both children and administration, as the adult, father and brothers to them we encouraged and give a word of hope that soon funds are coming for you to go to school, but they couldnt believe it as this has ever happened them and they never went to school... though this happened sometime back but many were still remember what happened and we heard someone gossip to another that we are not going to school this term as it was last time!!! wow.. this was hard to hear and we had quite big time trying to explain to them but thank God they all learned and waited.
  On 05/21/2011, this was Saturday i went to bank to see whether the funds are already on the account, thank God i found the money on the account I went back home to take the GOOD NEWS!!! that we have got the school fees. Children, everyone was happy, rejoicing and some tears for joy were seen. and I would like to announce that all of our children are in school and they have started last Monday 05/23/2011.
  We would like to thank our friends Caleb and Sonja who came to volunteer with us last year and who came to realize who bad our children who they would like to go to school but they had no funds to go and sometimes they wasnt attending the school due to lack of school fees. Ever since both of them came to volunteer with us, they heart have never been the same and they have been fight tooth and nail to see that these children remain in school both being students they couldn't handle it seeing children without education. they they went out in their communities, schools, church and advocates for school fees of these children thank you very  much.
Most especially when both visited our outreach on the street of Kampala this changed them a lot and it was great experience of what the children pass through all the abuse and trauma in their lives. please the world you can meet the people.
Caleb and Sonja
 Please again allow me to appreciate some of their people who are sponsoring individually child under our program you are ROCK! to each child life and I can't explain how this child is blessed to have you as his/her sponsor.
And we thank everyone who support us in one way or another and i want to assure you that all your support 100% goes to these vulnerable children.
below are the pictures of the children going to school

Giving out the books to the students

They have got they books and all requirements

Well dressed in their school Uniform

cant handle all was given to her ready to put it in her school bag

Monday, May 23, 2011


First and foremost, I would like to take this great opportunity to thank everyone how participated in all programs to make children stay entertained and hard working children and feeding the children this holiday we had a lot of children(orphans) than ever before. To some of you, you may know how expensive are the things are now in our country (Uganda) but I want to thank God that he has been creating away to provide for His children as he says in ( Matthew 25 ) on addition to that I would like to appreciate each and everyone that has fought to see that these children cant go without food although there are some days but it wasn't that much Glory be to God!!.
 Our children has and all volunteers have been working in different projects such as sewing, sports, art etc.

  • Sewing Machine: 
         The aim of getting these sewing machine was purposely for the widows project that we have in one of our programs and many widows have gained a lot in this program but this holiday we wanted our children to be part of this as much as they can for the purpose that children can get inform education. with a lot of joy our children were happy to do so and the lady that was teaching them said that she was so proud of them and their hard working with the spirit of joy that they have!


Most especially boys have been participating in sports getting different teams from different areas of Bulenga, plus they have been practicing a lot on their talents of soccer, it has been amazing seeing how these children are gifted with playing soccer.

 Hand Made crafts.

Our children have been also working hard on the project that was introduced to them by Nicky who was a volunteer here in January to make flowers out of fabric, hand made bags, so this holiday girls have been working so hard on this project and they have made a lot more of the bags and flowers. please see the pics below.

Our first generating come of farming we have one pig so far and she is called "Eva" is growing so fast this brings me to thank our lovely volunteers (Tina, Martin and their family), as well we would like to thank the precious children for feeding and loving Eva so much most especially Francis. with this i would love to appreciate YEBO who have took part in teaching our on how they should look for animal and conserve the environment.

So that has been our holiday here and children enjoyed their time here. And now they have started schooling soon i will update you on how they got smart in their uniforms for this term.

Patrick on behalf.

Psalms 126:5-6
5 Those who sow with tears
   will reap with songs of joy.
6 Those who go out weeping,
   carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
   carrying sheaves with them.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


As you may know,Cooking here is (has) been usually done in a kitchen separate from the main dwelling, on a simple wood fire on the ground, which is surrounded by three large stones to support the pot and contain the flames. A lot of the heat from the fire is wasted, so this is an inefficient use of precious fuel, and the cooking room is full of smoke. Working in these conditions over many years means that children and the mother at the children's home suffer from eye inflammation and infections and respiratory conditions. 

This condition was really hard for both children and the people that try to raise these children, here we come to thank our from from WAR for the precious gift they have donated to construct new stove at Bulenga Children's Home. besides all those problem also this stove will save a lot on the expenditure of the the fire wood because the new energy saving stove will be saving all the heat inside.
However, the construction is still going on as you can see below.

The Builder is very busy working on the stove 

the children are also looking trying to learn how they build this (Maybe someday one might build this because it makes lot of money!)

The new Stove almost at the end special thanks to everyone participated to contribute toward this project.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starting blog

This is my first time to use the blog but please I would love your input on how I can use it. the reason as to why i have started this blog is to keep you update you as friends of Bulenga Children's Home and all that wishes the best for the organization growth.
This time I have put a picture of me and the children and I will be the one updating everyday please I request your advice/ comment etc