Friday, September 23, 2011

Praise God...

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  We hope that this finds all of you doing well.  Here at Raising Up Hope, we have been experiencing the goodness and blessing of our great God.  I’ve highlighted some of our recent joys and concerns in the update below:
Above all we would like to thank God for our friends Caleb and Sonja who came to visit us before the school term begun, as you know this wonderful couple is standing in the gap of paying the tuition for all children living in the orphanage and it was good seeing them walk them to school the first week. Guys THANK YOU!!

Our taxi operation is now up and running!  The taxi had an issue with the gearbox which cost $800 to fix.  Fortunately, we received this money from a friend in Canada and now the taxi is running well.  This past week it ran well and provided us with some income.  Please pray that the taxi continues to run well so that it continues to be a blessing.

Our chicken operation is also currently underway.  The chicken coup construction is finished and 250 chicks now live there.  A woman from the village who has experience with chickens has offered to help us by guiding us in our care of these chicks.  Pray that 4-6 months from now, the chicks will be healthy enough to produce many eggs. However, the all fee to make these chickens are not all done and chickens are likely to go hungry if we do not get the remaining funds. please if your would like to give toward this project email us

A new school term has just begun, and for the fourth term in a row our children are going to school!  Many thanks to Sonja and Caleb and the sponsors that they have found. We are making sure that the kids have all the supplies they need and are well equipped for school.  In the same vein, the orphanage has also been given 9 solar lights to use for studying and reading.  These lights are completely solar and will save us money on electricity, candles, paraffin. 

Another blessing has been the construction project that CRANE is undertaking for us.  CRANE is a child protection agency that we are partners with.  They are providing child abuse prevention training and they are also currently helping us upgrade two of our rooms.  They have re-cemented the floors and are also painting the rooms. 

One concern we want to share with you is an injury that a boy named Brian received.  We know of him through our street ministry.  His leg was severely broken when he was hit crossing the road by a boda-boda.  He was taken to the hospital and is receiving treatment.  Pray that he heals well and that the boda-boda man is found to help pay the hospital bills.

We are so thankful to God and to a small group who has given us a financial blessing that will provide for us into the month of September.  Their gift will ensure good food supply, will pay off a medical debt we have from illnesses, and will pay our electric bill.  God has provided for this next season of life, and we are trusting that he will provide when we have need again. 

Thank God with us for all he is doing, and pray with us that he will continue to meet the needs of his people!

Patrick and William