Sunday, July 31, 2011


My poor, poor blog has been so neglected for the past month, maybe over a month:-(  Life has been busy as usual.

We have been super busy for the past month as we have been with our friends Yabo who came to teach the children about the environmental conservation in conjection with that we had a very big event at Uwec, this event its aim was to teach the children and all people of Uganda how they can conserve their environment by not cutting down trees, not killing animals etc further more it was advertized on TVs and Newspapers as well. the scientist are saying if Uganda dont stop deforestation in 15 years to come Uganda will be desert!:(. I would like to thank all the people who were involved and who came to this event most especially Yabo team, our children from community, orphanage and street children for the greatest message and performance you gave to the people on the big show.
 People i will be posting a video soon for this show.
 but i would like to give a hit of how the song goes...

Uganda is the pearl of Africa,
We need to stand up high and protect all natural land to make it better and better we need to rise up and co-operate with our leaders in order not to destroy the goodness of the world.... and so more will come in video.
 those are the things that had kept me busy these days.

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much to all RUHU supporters, your financial contribution , encouragement and prayers has done amazing things here in Uganda. we have come long way in such time we have accomplished so many things.
we have truly been able do in incredible things thanks to all of TRUAC and others you who are generously offering your money, time and wisdom.
the little that you have all given has created many smiling faces. We pray that God contributes to enable us and you to keep changing lives of vulnerable children, orphans and street children in slums and Kampala at large.
thank you and May God bless you all.

First i would like to thank War for the stove as the children are now safe and cooking goes very well for the mom of the house in her own words " I thank War staff you people  are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done to help our home with a new saving stove that has been such a blessing for our home ad may God bless you. thank you very much".

 Death of the street child.

Everyone please meet Fred who dead this at the end of  June due to the heavy rain. it is said that this child was sleeping near a stream in the slum of kisenyi but the water speed had force so he was swept away the water to the big stream. thus he dead!
Fred he was such a loving and caring child I cant for get such a beautiful smile he had when i could go to slum i could his smile and of course others, here i thank everyone who has enable me to make my trips to slums to reach out to these children  about all Fred had took Jesus Christ as his personal savior so I know he is with our Father in Heaven and he is living happier life. Here i would like to thank the youth of New Kil Patrick  church who contribute sometimes, what they have towards street project to buy food for the children in slums.

Fred and May His Soul Rest in eternal Peace

Our children had a tour with their school
Our children also this month had a educational trip with their schools not only education but also the kids enjoyed the trip plus they got to see some of the things that they have never seen before in the lives and surely everyone learned loads and loads according to what they say.
some of the place their got to visit are;

wonder world
agricultural show
Bujagali fall
kakira sugar works
vita form- they make mattresses
Nytil textile company- they make clothes

Walking through textile company

Carlos with some of his classmates

Teddy and Hassifah
Therefore, RUHU would like thank everyone who sponsored this trip for our children YOU ARE THE BEST! you have delight and put smile on these children's faces :)

With much gratitude.

More updates to come soon.