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Here is the last late update of July and all the next that are coming will  be very for this month.

Safe House

As many of you may know, all kind of abuse that street children pass through wile they are still sleeping on streets allover the world, the cause as to why the children live street is on the bbc news please take a look as the Journalist tells the story of the young child please know that many of the children are in the same situation or having the same story.

Unfortunately we found out that recently the police rounded up and imprisoned many children living on the streets of Kampala. 150 of these children formed part of Raising Up Hope for Uganda’s (RUHU) outreach project and we knew many personally.

The authorities claim the round up was done to help the children return to their families. However, the effects of detaining children indefinitely in holding centres across the country are disastrous. In addition to ruining the future of those that were taken criminalising these children also hurt those that are still on the streets by driving them further underground. This makes it so much harder to help and care for them.

Kajsa and K who are 2 previous volunteers from 2010 have very generously decided to help Patrick and RUHU by funding the first 12 months rent of a safe house for 70-100 children. The main priority at this stage is to create a safe environment where the children feel safe and are shielded from the daily beatings and harassment of the police so they are able to fully participate in RUHU’S outreach and rehabilitation projects.
K and Kajsa

After three attempts the safe house was finally secured on 5th July. The building has an office, a living room, two bedrooms (one for the boys and one for the girls to ensure privacy and safety), a toilet and even a shower.
As soon as the deposit was down some of the boys moved in, cared for by the older boys and Patrick. It was a joy visiting the safe house and witnessing the boys cooking, cleaning and helping each other.
Today the house is home to 30 children and the number is still growing.
Nonetheless, many hurdles remain as the running of the house, the provision of food, first aid resources and educational material requires consistent funding.
Now the children have got somewhere, were they can call a home and where they can put a chest to rest whether its day or night they can feel safe that’s why we are calling it SAFE HOUSE!

Happy being home

Buganga Garden

As many of you already know, we’ve got a garden in Buganga. We went there last month and got some maize which we took home and the children ate and enjoyed very much. We were able to get the maize because of the fact that it was the season for maize harvesting our garden produced very well what we had planted in there. This season we had planted Maize and beans basically but there was other as well.
A team of 5 people, William, Clara, Susan, Jonathan and I went to the village to visit the garden and as well as the community it was such a joy to reach our garden with a lot of maize and beans, with this I would like to thank all people Buganga who have worked so hard everyday to see that the garden can produce this food and also as many know month of July was the starvation month at our home (orphanage) the children had to eat the maize fried not has we had planned to grain it to have cone flavor- due to the fact that maize wasn’t dried enough to grain it.
So the garden saved us some days and it was good and we appreciate people who donated to us to have the garden you have done a great work to us.

William holding Maize


Sharing some beans with the people that work in our farm

After getting our maize and bean we had to get our boda boda to the main road to get our taxi to Mitala Maria, it was such again a blessing to see our sponsored children there and all the widows we work with there again to see what they are making to earn money for their poorest families and living. Here I call anyone who can support these widows please come and help they are making baskets, mats etc, you can email or write to me if you would like one. The baskets are made by Grass and palm leaves are common materials used in mats and baskets. Hand bags and decorative wall hangings are also hand woven. Many of these pieces have intricate designs and patterns showing their fine craftsmanship. Specially dyed fibers are used to brighten up the artwork.
Seeing children there is the most interesting and enjoyable thing there, the children are so gorgeous and beautiful. 

Water problem
When we went there the most thing that we show of there was water, there is no cleaning water out there children and other innocent people are drinking bad water to live! It was awful how the children could describe how they use water in the way the cow uses it!  Please I could to call on some people to help and we build a well there for this  community. Believe me this community have got a painful story of what they go through to find just a drink during dry season. These stories include Children walking 5 Miles to the nearest source, sharing water with animals and spending days without a bathe. We believe God has called us to be his co workers in answering the needs of the poor and the needy of our Generation Isa 41:17-18 When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst, I the LORD will answer them; I the God of Israel will not forsake them. I will open rivers on the bare heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys. I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.
In answering these applications our strategy have been to mobilize those communities to pray and seek God who is the giver of all good things.
We however want to see more action and thats why am writing this email requesting you to become our partner in our village outreach . Help provide clean and safe drinking water for 500 homes with just $1500. Several communities now hold weekly prayer meeting seeking water, you can help answer their prayers By
1. Donating generously and Mobilize others to donate
2. Praying and mobilizing others to pray for these
3. You can host  fundraising event  in your church, communities, groups  or do fundraising on our behalf
Through providing these communities with clean and safe drinking water We are opening their eyes to Jesus Christ who is the source of Living water. Prayerfully consider joining our team and let me know how the lord directs your heart

this is where the community get their water from.

Some community children with and I trying to get water

We also continue to thank our friends who participating in supporting us in anyway you can and we continue to pray for you that may the good LORD reward you and continue to bless.

Thank you very much for reading and will update you soon

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